La Pearltone® c’est quoi ?

What is a compatible Pearltone® toner, ink or drum cartridge?

New pearltone® compatible inkjet, toner or drum cartridges (generic) is a consumable copy of an original inkjet, toner or drum, produced by a manufacturer other than the manufacturers. originals.

New compatible pearltone® inkjet, toner or drum cartridges are generally sold at a lower price than the original ones, "with the same or better quality".


The ptone® inkjet, toner or drum cartridges are guaranteed * 1 year.

What is Pearltone®? :

The pearltone® cartridges are AAA grade cartridges with all the certifications available on the market: (ISO9001 - ISO 14001 - NF - NFE - STMC - ICC - RIT - SAI 8000.) The defect rate is less than 5% .